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Collaborative Compliance & Enforcement

Working together to better manage Haida Gwaii’s natural resources A young Haida man is currently a training recruit at the Western Conservation Law Enforcement Academy in Hinton, Alberta. He will be the first ever Haida to act as a natural resource compliance and enforcement officer on Haida Gwaii. Buster Bell, 35, was the best candidate, […]

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Paddling adventures – a Northern B.C. export product

Back when Rick Snowdon was a full-time adventure guide he led an unforgettable trip with, among others, an Italian student who was soon to embark on his Ph.D. in nuclear physics. “It was our last night,” Snowdon recalls. “We were waiting for the darkness so we could see the bioluminescence, and the student turned to […]

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The value of listening to the whales

If biologist Janie Wray could persuade whale-watchers of any one principle, it would be this: “Understand that while you’re having a whale experience, the whale is also having a human experience.” The co-director of the Cetacealab, a whale research facility on Gil Island, on the North Coast of B.C., is all too familiar with the […]

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