Advisory Committee

Members of the North Coast Marine Plan Advisory Committee (MPAC) are:


Henry CliftonCommercial FishingMember
Dan EdwardsCommercial FishingAlternate
Jeffrey AndersonMarine ConservationMember
Hussein AlidinaMarine ConservationAlternate
Mike ViveriosCoastal ForestryMember
Urs ThomasPublic Recreational FishingMember
David LewisPublic Recreational FishingJoint alternate
Ken FranzenPublic Recreational FishingJoint alternate
Hermann MeuterMarine-related AcademiaMember
Janie WrayMarine-related AcademiaAlternate
Karl BergmanLocal Government - North Coast Regional DistrictMember
Benafshaw DashtiLocal Government - Regional District of Kitimat-StikineMember
Ted PellegrinoLocal Government - Regional District of Kitimat-StikineAlternate
Michael UeharaShellfish AquacultureMember
Caitlin BirdsallResearch and Marine MonitoringMember
Karina DracottResearch and Marine MonitoringAlternate
Peter ChristensenPublic RecreationMember
Yvonne ChristensenPublic RecreationAlternate
Lori WilsonSeafood ProcessingMember

Terms of Reference

North Coast Marine Plan Advisory Committee Terms of Reference


NC MPAC Meeting, 8-9 March 2017
Meeting Summary

NC MPAC Meeting, 17 October 2017
Meeting Summary