The Implementation Agreement for the North Vancouver Island sub-region was announced on Aug. 3, 2016.

  • Implementation agreements confirm the partners’ approach to implementation of the marine plans in each sub-region and are consistent with the recommendations contained in each sub-regional marine plan.
  • Implementation agreements are the formal agreements between the Province and partner First Nations that outline the intent to collaborate on marine plan implementation, organizational structures, and general provisions on how governments will work together.

Download the North Vancouver Island Implementation Agreement.


Plan Implementation

The Plan is intended to remain relevant to changing issues, priorities and conditions. This will be accomplished through the development of a NVI Marine Plan Implementation Agreement between the Nanwakolas Council, the Province and associated management structures.

The plan recommendations, including plan area management direction and zone recommendations are prioritized in the plan for future implementation (for details, refer to the NVI Marine Plan). Continued collaboration and integration will be essential as work is conducted on all plan strategies. The plan calls for an implementation advisory committee of stakeholders that will periodically meet to give advice on implementation.

Plan implementation progress will be reviewed annually using EBM implementation indicators to measure long-term changes in marine ecosystems, including community and human health, which are potentially attributed to the implementation of plan recommendations. A plan variance process is outlined where a use or activity identified in the plan as “Conditionally Acceptable” or “Not Acceptable” may be challenged by a proponent. The plan variation process will require appropriate rationale, and will reflect the EBM approach.


Implementation Progress, 2016-2017

North Vancouver Island MaPP implementation activities during 2016-2017 contributed to five MaPP outcome areas: governance and collaboration; marine zoning; stewardship, monitoring and enforcement; sustainable economic development and healthy communities; and, climate change and adaptive management.

During this reporting year, the NVI Marine Plan Advisory Committee (MPAC) was established to support plan implementation. Two meetings of the committee were held.

A process to develop detailed management plans for protection management zone (PMZ) areas with the MPAC was initiated.

Significant progress was made on inventory, predictive modelling, and assessment of vulnerability and sensitivity of cultural and archeological sites. A shellfish aquaculture pilot project to test the commercial viability of blue mussels and scallop culture was started.

For details about progress on marine plan implementation activities, see the North Vancouver Island Annual Report 2016-2017.


Implementation Progress, 2017-2018

For details about progress on marine plan implementation activities, see the North Vancouver Island Annual Report 2018.