Marine Plan Advisory Committee (MPAC)

The Marine Plan Advisory Committee (MPAC) provided input during the development of the Central Coast Marine Plan.

Members of the MPAC were:

Name Sector Role
Warren Warttig Coastal Forestry MPAC Member
Hans Granander Coastal Forestry MPAC Alternate
Kim Olsen Commercial Fisheries MPAC Member
Jim McIsaac Commercial Fisheries MPAC Alternate
Mike Pfortmueller Commercial Rec Fisheries MPAC Member
Sid Keay Commercial Rec Fisheries MPAC Alternate
Evan Loveless Commercial Tourism MPAC Member
Mairi Edgar Commercial Tourism MPAC Alternate
Richard Opala Finfish Aquaculture MPAC Member
Les Neasloss Finfish Aquaculture MPAC Alternate
Alison Sayers Local Government MPAC Member
Anne Salomon Marine Academic MPAC Member
Diana Chan Marine Conservation MPAC Member
Karin Bodtker Marine Conservation MPAC Alternate
Janice Kyle Public Recreation MPAC Member
Nick Heath Public Recreation MPAC Alternate
Greta Geankoplis Renewable Energy MPAC Member
Gary Wilson Shellfish Aquaculture MPAC Member
Roberta Stevenson Shellfish Aquaculture MPAC Alternate

Central Coast Marine Plan Advisory Committee Terms of Reference