Regional Kelp Monitoring

Kelp is a valuable component of the marine habitat, which provides important benefits to communities, species, and ecosystems. It is also very important culturally for First Nations. MaPP is implementing a Regional Kelp Monitoring Project to monitor the extent and condition of kelp forests across all four sub-regions.

Please visit Regional Kelp Monitoring on the North Pacific Coast: A Community-Based Monitoring Initiative to Inform Ecosystem-Based Management, a StoryMap to learn more about our work on this key Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) indicator. Components of the StoryMap include the importance of kelp, kelp facts, the kelp monitoring framework including how kelp is monitored, sub-regional highlights, collaborators supporting data collection, lessons learned, and the vision for the future.

Click here to view/download the MaPP Monitoring Methods (2021) document.